If you work in the UK music industry, 2015 is probably proving to be quite a confusing year. Several elements that have been brewing for a while have now all snapped into relevance, turning everything upside down in the process.

For example, exactly how should you release a single now?


Freaks and Weirdos

When I was at school you could roughly divide people into three different camps: firstly, most obviously, you had the cool kids. If, in another life, I had gone to class in Northern California I guess I would have called them jocks. You know the type.

At the other end of the spectrum – and...

Amateur Hour

The other week I had lunch with a friend – the sort of lazy, Saturday-with-no-real-plans kind of lunch where you’re there so long one meal time merges into the next – and during our tenure a friend of his joined us. Let’s call this friend “Jack”. Jack identifies himself as a Youtuber.


Good sky, Leyton Good sky, Leyton

Good sky, Leyton

Bathroom = progress Bathroom = progress

Bathroom = progress

Do you really mean it?

Frank Carter stands on the bar at the back of the room. With one hand he steadies himself against the low roof, with the other he clutches the microphone, the wire winding its way over the top of the audience, back to the stage. The atmosphere is akin to what would happen if you shut the door...

Gwilym Gold 👌 Gwilym Gold 👌

Gwilym Gold 👌

Hi there, I'm David. This is my website. I work in music doing marketing. On occasion I've been known to write a thing or two. And sometimes I take photos. Please drop me a line and say hello.

What We Can Learn

It’s about 7pm on a dark November Friday. The weather has turned from unseasonably warm to appropriately bitter. That hasn’t stopped the shoppers flocking to one of the capitals premiere shopping destinations, however. They mill around, bags in tow, flicking Christmas signs lighting up their...

Max Jury x Roundhouse Max Jury x Roundhouse

Max Jury x Roundhouse

Yes, that is a giant rabbit Yes, that is a giant rabbit

Yes, that is a giant rabbit

Sufjan Sufjan


New @Grimezsz album is 👌

Little Simz x Stormzy Little Simz x Stormzy

Little Simz x Stormzy